Why The Racial Equity Bootcamp?

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Don’t risk losing a donor, sponsor, partner, client, or contract because of what you can’t see.

Blind spots can all too easily become public displays.

  • Are you exposed to legal or reputational risks?
  • Do all your policies protect against racial profiling and discrimination? 
  • Do you have diversity objectives and racial equity goals? Are you meeting them?
  • Do all your employees feel safe enough to bring their entire selves to work?

Who is the Bootcamp for?

No matter your challenges, together we can create transparency, respect, accountability, and empathy, so you and your team gain a deep sense of belonging through fair and equitable treatment of all.
Organizations that have implemented some DEI initiatives but aren’t making enough progress 
Those who understand diversity is good for business and society, and who want to be part of the solution
Leaders who want to bring honest, courageous conversations to their teams
People who know something must change, but need a structure to proceed safely, thoughtfully, and inclusively
HR leaders who want expert help implementing DEI into all levels of an organization (including leadership)
Leaders who aren’t in this to just to check a box, but to help people bring their best selves to work
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What makes this different
 from other DEI programs?

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1) This training addresses all aspects of your organization, including leadership blind spots, 

2) It helps you confront the “elephant in the room,” racial inequity, and

3) It includes live coaching from an industry expert.

If you’re avoiding the racial inequity conversation, then employees from diverse backgrounds won't feel safe enough to discuss their issues openly, and your workplace culture will continue to reduce morale, increase turnover, and drive down productivity. 

The Racial Equity Bootcamp
can help you...

Learn the dynamics and impact of racial differences

Train staff and leaders on their roles and responsibilities

Build a safe, open, inspiring work culture

Help all staff feel valued, heard, and that they belong

Identify gaps between your policies and staff behavior

So you can...

Increase innovation, collaboration, and productivity

Reduce turnover and threats of litigation

Become more competitive in an ever-more diverse marketplace

Widen the hiring pool for the best talent

Ensure your values become institutional knowledge

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Organizations with inclusive cultures are...


As likely to meet or exceed financial targets


As likely to be high performing


More likely to be innovative and agile


More likely to achieve better business outcomes

Source: Deloitte Review Issue 22, January 2018


For Organization At Its Best, Inc.
"Tawana’s expertise and ability to create a safe environment was second to none and resulted in an incredibly impactful experience for our employees. The thank-you notes and compliments continue to roll in."

Kia Beckford, Global HR Business Partner,
Similar Web, Inc.

"The only element that matches Tawana’s technical knowledge is her passion for her work. Her genuine love of providing businesses a framework on how to increase company moral, retention and productivity is matchless."

Matthew Stanback, CFO, Elite Security Services and Solutions, LLC  

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