DEI Racial Bootcamp Level 1

Module 1


Overview of the content and platform.
Module 2

Self-Awareness and Ownership of DEI

The leader’s role in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Beginning to examine personal bias.
Module 3

Racial Equity

The perspectives and challenges of Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous people.
Module 4

Recruitment and Onboarding

Building and preparing a diverse team.
Module 5

Development and Retention

Developing and retaining diverse talent.
Module 6

Data and Analytics

Improving the employee experience and company culture for diverse employees.
Module 7

Policies and Procedures

Ensuring policies and procedures are equitable across your entire organization.
Module 8

Legal, Compliance, and Risk Mitigation

Expanding knowledge of legal, compliance, and risk pertaining to DEI. 
Module 9

Performance Management

Designing performance management tools that eradicate bias and encourage fair performance practices.
Module 10

High Performing Diverse Teams

Guidance on creating and maintaining diverse teams capable of delivering high performance.
Module 11

Accountability and Allyship

Recommendations on how to implement an accountability structure, remain equitable, and foster ally relationships.
Module 12

Value Proposition

Discovering the benefits to companies that focus on racial equity.
Module 13

Actions to Equity

Recommendations for next steps for turning an initiative into a culture.
Level 1

DEI Racial Equity Boot Camp

Companies all across the country are trying to find new ways to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace
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